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Please note all prices are intended to be “general estimates” actual pricing will vary depending on a number of factors and the scope of the project. All Prices listed are installed cost that includes all materials and labor to install your project.
Pondless Waterfall - The Pond Gnome

Pondless Waterfall starting at $7,950

  • Non-living re-circulating waterfall, no stream
  • Pondless waterfall vault
  • Waterfall spillway
  • .45-mil EPDM pond liner
  • Geotextile underlayment
  • Underground cistern designed to capture all the water in motion
  • 2000-gph pump and plumbing assembly 
  • Appropriately sized stone and gravel


  • Accent Boulders (+$250.00/ton)
  • 150-watt Transformer (+$135.00)
  • 1-watt LED underwater spot light (+$53.00 each)
  • 1-watt LED underwater cascade/waterfall light (+$53.00 each)