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Arizona Pond & Water Feature Pricing Information

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How Much Does a Pond Cost in Phoenix, AZ?

How much does a car cost? There are as many ways to build a pond as there are to build a car. So, that’s a pretty broad question that deserves more than an off-the-cuff answer.

Would you put your knee surgery out to bid? Of course not! You’d do your research and make the best possible choice based on that research, and perhaps a referral from a friend. Not that we’re comparing ourselves to surgeons, but what we do is a specialty, and The Pond Gnome is a specialist in living ecosystem ponds and water features. So, before you make a decision based solely on price, do your due diligence: check online reviews, check licensing, read everyone’s website to see if they make you comfortable that they are knowledgeable and experts in their field.

While there are some variables and options to be considered, here are some basic packages to give you an idea of how much a pond or water feature costs. The pond prices below assume a couple of things: reasonably easy access to the build site, and that the site is not a “hard dig,” meaning that if the yard is set on a solid caliche bed, or on the side of a granite mountain, there may be some extra charges involved. The prices also assume the client is within the greater Phoenix metropolitan area (Phoenix, Anthem, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Tempe, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City). If you are beyond that area, the price will be a bit more due to drive time. Beyond that, though, we include everything but the water, plants, and fish (most people prefer to choose their own pets).

As you can see, we don’t recommend putting Koi in a pond less than 10’x15′. But don’t despair — there are gorgeous fun goldfish out there, too! Koi just tend to grow to a bit larger size than goldfish, so we want to make sure that their home is sized –and filtered– appropriately.

We have no desire to be the low price leader, cutting costs (and corners) wherever possible. Our prices are in line with industry standards across the nation for a professional pond contractor. All our ponds include size-appropriate mechanical filtration, biological filtration, 40-mil EPDM liner, underlayment to protect the liner, and size-appropriate plumbing & pump.

Phoenix, AZ Pond Pricing

All our ponds and water features are custom-created. These package prices are for budgeting purposes, and show our minimum prices for the different sizes of water features. YES, we can do anything in between, and anything above. These prices also reflect the greater Phoenix metropolitan area; there may be fuel and time surcharges added outside of that. In addition, the use of a credit card for construction or remodeling projects will add a 3% convenience fee.

Approximate Size
(pond fits within this space rectangle)
Starting-At ​Price
Subject to change without notice
Up to 7' x 9' x 18" deep Pond
Patio Pond
Up to 10' x 15' x 2' deep Pond
Goldfish pond with waterfall
Up to 15' x 20' x 3' deep Pond
Koi pond with waterfall
Pondless Waterfall
Patio waterfall, non-living
Up to 10' long pondless stream
Stream with waterfall, living
Up to 20' long pondless stream
Stream with waterfall, living
Recreational Pond
Custom Design-Build
Starting at $125,000
Request Custom Quote

Options for Phoenix, AZ Ponds

There are a lot of cool options, too!

We also have great maintenance programs to help keep things on track. Let us do the heavy lifting! Contact us to get started!

Large Scale Phoenix, AZ Pond Projects

Large-scale projects are typically constructed Oct-May due to the heat issues we have here in the Sonoran Desert. Since our lead time is typically 2-3 months out, let’s be sure we plan ahead so that you get your new water feature just when you want it. If you really need your large-scale project installed June-September, we can absolutely accommodate you, but at a higher price because it will take a bit longer to produce.

Ecosystem Packages for Phoenix, AZ Ponds by the Pond Gnome

We don’t just leave you hanging! An ecosystem package includes an appropriate amount & variety of aquatic plants from our available plant inventory.

The Ecosystem Package includes a total of 3 monthly visits (up to 1 hour on site) after the water feature is finished, including: initial planting; bacteria & enzyme applications, as needed; plant replacements during this time, if necessary; client training during the visits; and a system check each time to make sure things are functioning properly.

Pond Size
Starting-At Price
Subject to change without notice
Up to 7' x 9' pond; or up to 10' long pondless stream
Up to 10' x 15' pond; or up to 20' long pondless stream
Up to 15' x 20' pond

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