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Pond & Water Feature Construction Services

Serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Arizona (AZ) & Surrounding Areas

Phoenix, AZ Ponds Provide Entertainment

Do you entertain regularly and want a stunning focal point in your Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, AZ yard? We have found that a water feature is a lot like a kitchen: it becomes the gathering place of family and friends. Ponds are especially entertaining, as folks will strike up conversations about the fish and their escapades – a terrific ice-breaker. Kids are mesmerized by ponds and all the life that it attracts, and most will sit and stare into it for hours. And any water feature can provide a stunning view from inside the house if located properly.

The Pond Gnome can create anything from a small custom pondless waterfall, to a Koi pond filled with lush plants and gorgeous fish, to a pool to pond conversion! Each feature is custom-designed and built to suit your yard, goals, and vision. Elevate your outdoor living experience!

QUOTE FROM CLIENT: We are thrilled with the stream that you and your great team built for us. It is truly beautiful. We are so excited that we now get to keep the windows open at night so we can hear the stream all night long. Everyone who sees it is amazed at how wonderful it is. We literally have troops of neighbors coming over to peer in the view fence to see what all the fuss is about! As gorgeous as the stream is, I also have to tell you that you and your team are the most professional outside consultants I have worked with. I simply could not be more pleased! As a real estate consultant you can be sure that I will be singing your praises to all my clients and will recommend you with the highest praise.

Phoenix, AZ Ponds Add To A Sanctuary

Do you just need a sanctuary to come home to in Phoenix, AZ? Want to feel like you’re on vacation every time you come home? In today’s techno-filled, scheduled-to-the-minute world, it sure is nice to come home, kick off the shoes, grab a cold (or hot) refreshment, and put your feet up for a few minutes! Instead of grabbing for the remote to turn on the news, wouldn’t it be nice to listen to birds and frogs while you watch beautiful fish float around in a living pond? Or perhaps curling up with a good book and a babbling brook would sooth your nerves.

We know just how you feel! We understand that not everyone wants a roaring waterfall, that sometimes you just need the sound of water to calm you down. The Pond Gnome knows how to work with rock to get just the right amount of sound for hearing it through an open window while you sleep, while not driving you out of your own yard with too much noise. Elevate your outdoor living experience! Contact us to get started!

QUOTE FROM CLIENT: The pond and stream really completes the back yard. It is very peaceful and has drawn us outside and away from the television.

Ponds Are Part Of The Green Movement in Phoenix, AZ

Would you like to be part of the “Green” movement right here in Phoenix, AZ? There’s more to being “green” than growing all of your own food, raising chickens, or rebuilding your entire house using renewable resources.

You can add rainwater harvesting to an ecosystem pond, stream, or waterfall to make it more sustainable. You could take it a bit further and create a riparian environment right in your own yard that would help replenish our disappearing native wetlands and wildlife respites. Yes, even if you live in an HOA.

The Pond Gnome can design and build a rainwater harvesting system that even your nosiest neighbors won’t know is there! This system will support a variety of water features from fountain to stream and pond. You could even add a booster pump for washing the car! You can see a system like this in action in a front yard on our FREE Pond Tour. Elevate your outdoor living experience!

QUOTE FROM CLIENT: This pond is really so great for us! It looks so pretty and meets so many of our needs to meet green building standards.

Existing Water Features In Phoenix, AZ

Are you living with an old, ugly, or dysfunctional water feature in Phoenix, AZ, that makes you cringe every time you look at it — or get a whiff of it. We feel your pain! It makes us shudder to think of all the “Home Show Specials” out there making people miserable, either because it doesn’t work right, or is a real pain to maintain. Hey, we’ve all done it: purchased something in haste, only to repent in leisure. Maybe you’ve tried to have it repaired or patched, only to find out that it’s very expensive, or that the repair only lasted a short time. You are not alone – we hear this story on almost a daily basis. If you’re planning to stay in your home, why not have something that you will enjoy?

The Pond Gnome can replace that feature, typically in less than a week. You’ll have nothing left but a bad memory, which will fade quickly as you enjoy a well-built and easily maintainable water feature! We even have pond management programs to make it so that you come home to a beautiful water feature every day.

QUOTE FROM CLIENT: We had already paid someone to put in a pond before we met Pond Gnome. After seeing Paul’s work, we had him deconstruct and re-build. From just my verbal description he built exactly what I was thinking of.