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Employment Opportunities

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Employment Opportunities

Turn Your Passion into a Career!

We’re a fun company to work for, and we’ve won many years’ worth of awards for our work! In fact, we’re recognized as one of the top 10 pond installation companies in the world. Our company motto is: “Ponds Built Right, Customers Served Right,” and we’re dead-serious about that. We pride ourselves on providing a top-quality product, intuitive customer service, and looking like a professional coordinated construction team at all times.

Yes, it’s hard work and we start early in the morning, but seeing the look in a customer’s eyes when you turn on their water feature for the first time makes it all worthwhile. Some clients cry, some jump for joy, some give out hugs, some even give out tips. 

​If you’re tired of the same ‘ol, same ol, or maybe feel under-appreciated in your current employment, and this sounds like a team you’d enjoy being part of, please keep reading.

If you’re interested in helping our clients maintain their beautiful outdoor oasis, check out what the SERVICE TEAM does.

We’re looking for independent thinkers and creative problem-solvers!

Please Join Our Team If You:

  • Can show up to work every day, reliably
  • ​Can bring your lunch every day
  • Can wear appropriate clothing & shoes for outdoor work
  • Have a creative mind for problem solving
  • Are willing to speak up if you feel you have a good idea
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Love to work outdoors
  • Love to work with your hands
  • Want to experience job fulfillment
  • Enjoy being part of a successful team environment
  • ​Enjoy continuing education events to improve your craft
  • Want to feel valued and respected
  • Are willing to strive for quality on each and every job
  • Enjoy variety in your work
  • Can take constructive criticism and learn from it
  • Are okay with clients giving you grateful hugs at the end of the job
We're looking for independent thinkers and creative problem-solvers!

Crew Member Basic Requirements:

  • Are in good physical shape
  • Able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs. multiple times throughout the course of a day
  • Willing and able to work outside year-round
  • Able to show up at the construction yard pre-dawn in the summertime, dawn in the winter time
  • Willing to start at the bottom, learn the trade, and work your way up the ladder (growth opportunities abound, if you want them)
  • Able to speak English on job sites
  • Have a clean driving record, reliable transportation, and be at least 25 years old
  • Non-smoker preferred

Do Not Apply If You:

  • Oversleep a lot and/or need a nap after a couple hours of work
  • Have court often
  • Do not have a babysitter every day
  • Do not have reliable transportation every day
  • Will become an expert at your job with no need to learn or take advice after the first day
  • Can’t pass random drug tests
  • Are consistently hung over
  • Need to smoke a cigarette every hour
  • ​Don’t have a reliable alarm clock
  • Are so addicted to social media that you need to look at your phone every 15 minutes
  • Are just looking for a temporary paycheck while you “find yourself,” and have no intention of actually applying yourself to the job at hand

If You're Interested in Joining Our Team: