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Displays to Visit

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but experiencing what we do is priceless!


You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it, right? So before you make an investment in your next home improvement that will most likely be the focal point of your outdoor environment, test drive one today by taking a FREE pond tour in the Greater Phoenix area! Get inspired for what’s possible in your own backyard (or front yard!). These are all functioning desert landscapes. 

Tour etiquette:

  • Please do not upset landscaping in and around the water features

  • Please leave things exactly as they were before you arrived

  • Please do not pick up anything (i.e., rocks, plants, wildlife, fish, etc.)

  • Please do not throw anything into the water features

  • Please do not feed any of the animals you see

  • Please help your children to understand this protocol

Thank you!

Mesa Community College Red Mountain Campus

This place is wild! Literally, it’s for wildlife. This stream is a rainwater harvesting/stormwater control project, as well as a native Arizona riparian habitat. This stream is maturing nicely! Installed April 2010.

U of A Cooperative Extension Office

The entrance to this building displays a lovely 10-year-old 11’x16’ pond with a double-drop waterfall, which was built in one day by a Build-A-Pond class. This pond shows off some terrific boulder work. Installed 2001.

The Pond Gnome Office & Showroom

This little wildlife refuge is home to a myriad of families, including native and migratory birds. The front yard feature is actually an HOA-approved rainwater harvesting system with a 2000-gallon underground storage tank! But it’s a perfect example of a re-circulating stream. The origination point is a pond fed by an updraft system to create a reflecting pool, complete with lilies and fish. It’s a real show-stopper in the neighborhood, and enjoyed by children and parents alike! Installed 2009. BACKYARD KOI POND AND SIDE YARD FOUNTAINSCAPE ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Top Shelf Restaurant

​The patio of this popular Mexican food restaurant enjoys the view of this ecosystem goldfish pond. The biological filter is disguised by a trio of stacked slate urns and rock waterfalls, and a spillway bowl fountain adds interest and another spillway into the pond. Floor jets help with maintenance for the commercial location. The urns are raised enough above grade that they can be seen from the parking lot to draw attention to the patio and restaurant. The restaurant manager, who had serious doubts at the beginning of the project, is so delighted with the way it came out that she already has plans for more improvements to the patio area!

Shamus O'Leary Tropicals

This rambling pond and stream system is nestled into the nursery’s ample tropical plant stock. It’s a 16′ x 16′ pond with several waterways and streams that wander through the property. The owners are absolutely captivated by the plants they are able to grow within the feature, as well as how it hosts some of the most friendly dragonflies they’ve ever seen! Installed October 2020.

Westminster Village Retirement Community

This entry feature replaced a retention basin with our HOA-approved rainwater harvesting system. The water storage is underground! A constructed wetland filter pours into a 15’x18’ pond, which in turn “disappears” into the rocks at the bottom, making this a super low-maintenance debris removal system. Installed June 2011. 

Scottsdale Community College: Two Waters

This wildlife sanctuary, named Two Waters, includes two 750-square foot meandering ecosystem ponds nestled under the shade of native trees, being filtered by a 400-square foot constructed wetland. Don’t be surprised if this isn’t up to “backyard standards.” The college keeps this area as a wildlife refuge. Installed 2010.

The Regents at Scottsdale Apartments

Located at the center of the complex, this feature is built within a storm water retention basin. The catchment is the entire northeast parking lot of the apartment complex. Storm water is “scrubbed” by flowing through rock, gravel and constructed wetland filters as it makes its way to the cistern at the lowest point in the basin, keeping the fish and amphibians that reside within this living water garden happy and healthy. Over 100 tons of boulders and rock were used to construct the 6 waterfalls and babbling brooks. Installed 2008, and remodeled in January 2020.