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Commercial Pond & Water Feature Installation In Phoenix, AZ By The Pond Gnome

QUOTE FROM CLIENT: This pond is really so great for us! It looks so pretty and meets so many of our needs to meet green building standards.

Cholla Susini, Adams Craig Acquisitions: Green Home Builder, Paradise Valley AZ, 480-223-3746

Commercial Pond & Water Feature Installation - The Pond Gnome


Set your company apart from your competition with a striking setting. Apartment complexes, such as The Regents at Scottsdale, have found that not only does their vacancy rate drop dramatically, but they can charge a premium for any units with a view of the living water features – and have a waiting list, to boot!

  • If you’re a retail establishment, a gorgeous water feature will actually bring people in the door!
  • Provide a soothing, relaxing, rejuvenating space for your employees on break or having lunch. They’ll come back to work ready to grab the tiger by the tail!
  • Create an interesting place for your clients when they visit, where any wait time is actually welcome. Visiting and prospective clients are calmed and entertained by living water features, such as the living water feature at the entry of Westminster Retirement Village, making the experience of dealing with you all the more a pleasure.
  • Add easy LEED points to any green building project!
  • Turn an ugly retention basin into a gorgeous water feature that serves the same storm water management purpose (Westminster Retirement Village, Regents at Scottsdale Apartment Complex, Renaissance Park Community)
  • ​Create a playground of the future with an interactive shallow stream for water play.

And all that atmosphere can be low maintenance with an attractive desert-appropriate living water feature!

Some of our happy commercial clients

A Few Examples Of Commercial Work Done By Our Teachers And Mentors

Ed Beaulieu talks about the story, design, inspiration, and challenges behind the highly-unique and expansive Aquascape water feature located at La Primavera Urbana in Villavicencio, Colombia.

Center for Sustainable Landscapes, one of the greenest buildings in the world!

Captures stormwater runoff from portions of the site and the Tropical Forest Conservatory roof, and replicates natural water treatment process that occurs in wetlands and marshes. Water flows through fountains and a lagoon where plants and their symbiotic root microbes absorb organic and mineral nutrients. Water is processed to tertiary non-potable standards. Post-treatment water that overflows the lagoon flows into underground rain tank storage.

Aquatic themed Children’s museum in Sonoma County.

This forward-thinking museum added this feature, which teaches and engages children and adults about water in our environment and how it impacts our daily lives.

Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL.

The large entry feature welcoming their guests. The Pond Gnome participated in this build, along with colleagues from around the world.

Commercial Pond Cleanings

The Pond Gnome understands the complexities involved with large pond cleanings.